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Gay Dating Advice


See The Top Ten Hottest GrindR Profiles In Atlanta: Age 30-39.

The Top 10 Hottest GrindR Profiles In Atlanta: Age 30-39. Age 21-29. Age 40-49. Some guys are so ugly they'd make a train take a dirt road while … [Read More...]

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Take The “Get A Boyfriend In 21 Days Challenge.”

  End your lonely weekends. Sign up for our  Get a Boyfriend in 21 Days Challenge. It's FREE, So you have no excuse not to take part. When … [Read More...]

Male Anal Sex–A Primer.

Chapter Two Free Your Mind, Your Butt Will Follow. “Anticipatory pain” and a perceived loss of masculinity can put your butt in a headlock.  Here’s … [Read More...]

What To Do When A Friend, A Date Or Your Partner Criticizes Your Looks.

Body Image In The Bedroom   What To Do When A Friend, A Date Or Your Partner Criticizes Your Looks   I was teased horribly by boys during … [Read More...]

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How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For That First Date.

Nervous About Your Date? Don't be. Dr. Janet Page, Ph.D. gives you some welcome advice on preparing yourself for a date with a guy you care about. … [Read More...]

This Week In Gay Sex Advice Questions. But I Want YOU To Be The Expert!

We had way more questions than we can answer when it comes to providing gay sex tips. So we've started a new feature showcasing the questions that … [Read More...]

Chicago Gay Dating Advice: What To Do When You’re In Boystown And He’s Not.

This poignant letter from Chicago asks an important question:  What do you when you live in Boystown  and he doesn't? I'm not talking about the … [Read More...]

This Week In Gay Dating Advice Questions I Want YOU To Answer.

We get so many emails from guys looking for little gay dating advice that we can't possibly answer them all. But we can publish them all! And … [Read More...]

Gay Sex Questions About Bottoming Without Pain.

This Is The Fourth Installment In Our Gay Sex Tips Series. As stated last week, there is a third point of pain.  It’s located across the entire … [Read More...]

Gay Sex Book: You Own A Sling And Didn’t Know It!

Last Week's Gay Sex Test Revealed That You Have A Sling Inside You. A puborectal sling, to be exact.  It is a strong ring of supportive muscle that … [Read More...]

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Stellar Documentary About Gay Politicians Is Coming To A Theater Near You.

It's hard to sit through this documentary and not feel a mix of rage (against the homophobes), pride (at the heroic efforts of gay political … [Read More...]

Does Gay Sex Feel Good?

How To Have Good Gay Sex:  Start With Learning Anatomy.   Last week I promised  you #1 in my stellar gay sex advice, so let's get to it.  Do … [Read More...]

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