14 Celebrity Gay Couples With Big Age Differences.

Matt Bomer n Simon Halls

Are Intergenerational Celebrity Couples Setting A New Trend?

Or is the media just now picking up on it? Here are our favorite age-defying couples…

Tom Daley n Lance Black

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.

Matt Bomer n Simon Halls

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls.

Tom Ford Book Launch At Bergdorf Goodman

Tom Ford and Richard Buckley.

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Target FEED Collaboration Launch

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

Actor Gerald McCullouch and college basketball player Derrick Gordon kiss during 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York

Derrick Gordon and Gerald McCulloch.

Victory Garber n Rainer Andreesen

Victory Garber and Rainer Andreesen.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson n Justin Mikita

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita.


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Darren Young n Niccolo 'Nick' Villa

Darren Young and Niccolo.


Michael Kors and Lance LePere.


George Takei and Brad Altman.


Ryan Murphy and David Miller.


Elton John and David Furnish.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber.


Jujubee and Chris Loporto.

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  1. The Truth says:

    The age difference between some of these so called celebrities isn’t that much and who the hell is Jujubee and Chris Loporto?

  2. Bryce Thompson says:

    Frankly, this blog/website is the last thing gay youth/men need today! And having these respectable couples, minus the college student and the old man – I’m being intentional in my choice of words – on the same page as bottoming like a porn star (the last thing any bottom or top should expect) is tacky at the very least. Anything here about safer sex practices, or how to develop a healthy friendship, etc.


  1. Are Intergenerational Gay Couples a New Trend in Dating?

    I’ll never forget the time I was on a date with a younger guy and I said something about Barbra Streisand and he said, “Barbara who?” I made him pay for dinner.

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