How To Meet Gay Men On Facebook

how to meet gay guys on facebook

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How to meet gay men on facebook


Only A Fraction of Gay Men Are On Gay Dating Sites.  

Most of Them Are On Facebook.  

Do You Know How To Meet Them?



You’re here because you’re either not meeting guys on Facebook or the ones you are meeting make you doubt that God exists. Yet you may be feel a little funny about making the first move on a guy you don’t know, but as you’re about to find out, you can do it in such a subtle way that guys will think they’re chasing you.


Before we get into the book, a few words. Facebook is an awesome way of meeting single dateable guys. But you can’t use the same techniques you’d use on dating sites like or God forbid, Manhunt.


For one, few people go on Facebook to hook up or date. Yes, guys are always up for that. If we could turn Facebook into Faceporn, we’d have done it already. But the truth is, most people don’t join the site to find the love of their life. And even those who do find it hard to navigate it as a dating site.


Here’s why: Imagine putting the kind of dating profile on Facebook that you’d put on, or eHarmony (“Looking for a soul mate who likes long walks on the beach”). Where your friends, family, office workers, exes, college and high school friends could see it.


Oh. My. God.


Clearly you can’t do that. Facebook is designed to plug you in, not hook you up. The expectation is completely different. People are on it mainly to keep up with friends, find out what’s happening and make new social connections.




That doesn’t mean guys aren’t open (actually, HOPING) to meet a guy (YOU) who’s going to make their socks fly off their feet. In fact, most single gay men want to meet others like them on Facebook. But you have to be inordinately indirect on the site and let’s face it, men are about as subtle as a brick through a windshield. They instinctively know that they can’t just hit on you, but on the other hand they don’t really know how to go about it. So they try Big Footing it, get pushed back and give up. Or, they simply use Facebook as a way of connecting AFTER they meet a guy they’re interested in.


Either way, it’s time for you to take control of your love life.

Well, maybe not control. How about a nudge? Because that’s all it’s going to take. This book isn’t about how to set a trap for a man. It’s about starting a conversation with handsome, generous, funny men who may not know that you live right up the cyber road from them.

It’s about inviting them, and in a very real way, giving them permission, to start a dialogue with another beautiful guy–you!


The best thing about Facebook is that you can take control in a way that you can’t on dating sites. For one, almost everyone gay is on Facebook, and that’s not even close to being true about gay dating sites.


Second, if you contact any guy for any reason on a dating site, boom! You’re hitting on him. You’re clearly showing him that you’re romantically interested in him. Not true on Facebook. At least, not with the methods you’re about to read.


So, if you have any reservations about being the initiator, throw them out the window because Facebook helps you save face. Whoever speaks first on a dating site demonstrates interest but it’s not true on Facebook.


Whoever speaks first on Facebook is just being friendly.


Meeting cute guys on Facebook requires subtle weapons of mass seduction. The question is what are they?


If you knew what to write on his wall to make him want to talk to you, if you knew what kind of pictures to post–and where– if you knew how to sprinkle guy-bait into your profile, if you knew astoundingly clever Facebook flirting techniques…




Introducing The eBook That Shows You How To Meet And Attract Gay Men On Facebook…
how to meet gay guys on facebook

•  Meet A Hottie


•  Find A Date


•  Get A Husband


Follow my advice and you’re going to start dating the kind of guys you’ll never meet in gay bars or men seeking men sites!

Meeting guys on facebook

Downloads as a PDF.  No Kindle or iPad required. View/print right from your PC!


Take a look at my 8-step method:

Step 1:

The first thing a guy is going to do after he gets one of the covert flirts you’re going to send him in Step #5 is look at your pics.  His first stop: “ Profile Pictures.”  Now, what type of pictures should be in there?  And how many should there be?  I developed my “Rule Of Threes” as a consultant to some major gay dating websites. It’s like guy catnip.
I’ll also show you the research on what you should wear, what you should be doing, and how to use lighting and angles to get the best digital you.


Bonus!  Discover the special photographic tricks that models use to create desire in readers!  You’ll also get my recommendations on the best free (or inexpensive) photo editing applications to get the best you out of your photos.   It’s on page 9.  

Step 2:


Albums are the section where you post pictures from specific activities, special events and vacations.  They’re meant strictly for friends, but I’ll show you a powerful trick that’ll attract guys directly to an Album specifically designed to appeal to them. It starts on page 21.  

Bonus! I reveal the secret websites that professional writers use to create original material. You’ll get the step-by-step formula for using these sites to create powerful, original screen names, headlines and profiles. The kind that attract the type of guys you like. It’s incredibly fun and creative! It starts on page 66.


Step 3:


 I’ll tell you the exact word count that works best on your profile and precisely what you should say.  And most importantly, how to ‘seed’ the profile with guy-bait without it sounding like you’re on  Follow my six step formula for building profiles and you’re not going to believe the responses you get!  It’s step #6 that makes emailing you irresistible! 
BONUS!  I show you a dozen cool Facebook tricks that’ll bedazzle your profile and wall postings with all sorts of interesting symbols, images, font sizes and more.  They’ll make you unforgettable.  It’s on page 40.


Step 4:


You can’t search Facebook the way you can a dating site–by age, city or stats.  So you have to get creative.  I show you five sure-fire methods of finding the kind of guys that turn you on–including ways to find somebody you’ve met offline, even if you don’t know his last name!  See page 43.


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how do i find gay people on facebook


Downloads as a PDF.  No Kindle or iPad required. View/print right from your PC!



Step 5:

You see a profile that makes you go, “Hubba Hubba!”  How do you approach him?  With a simple “Hello?”  Please.  You need to start a fun, innocent conversation and slowly build attraction.  I’ll show you how to make comments on his status updates and photos that’ll intrigue him to the point that he HAS TO check out your pics and profile.  I’ll also show you how to post irresistible observations on his Wall that guarantee a fun, on-going conversation.  And I’ll show you “poking” strategies that turn into flirting opportunities.

Step 6:

Your goal is to get off email or chat and step it up to a phone call.  Why?  Because you can’t tell if you like somebody by typing at them.  The question is, how do you transition from Facebook to phone without sounding like you’re rushing things?   BONUS!  I give you over a dozen examples so you can copy/paste them into your Facebook exchanges!

Step 7:

It’s natural to be nervous when you call a stranger.  But with the nine easy steps I give you, charming him over the phone will be a cinch.  There’s one mind-blowing phone technique that’s guaranteed to make him instantly like you and become comfortable enough to meet.  It’s all on page 55.


I also answer a key concern:  Where to meet gay men.   Find out which option is best for you.  I’ll also tell you how FBI statistics answer the eternal question:   Is it safer to meet at his place or yours?  The answer will surprise you.  It’s on page 70.  

Step 8:


Meeting gay men you don’t know is awkward so it’s important to use certain techniques to avoid conversational dead-ends and juice up the chemisty. Find out how to use my special “Conversational Viagra” techniques (they keep the energy up!). Tactics include the concept of ‘multiple threads,’ creating rapport and building mild forms of suspense in the way you tell a story.

I also show you exactly how to rephrase boring ‘interview’ questions into interesting comments, how to use time constraints in conversations so they pique interest and how to ‘assert your frame’ if the conversation drifts to something unhelpful. I even show you how to answer “What do you do?” in an inventive way.

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how to find gay guys on facebook

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Meet The Author


I’m Mike Alvear. I’m Manhunt’s former “Cruise Director” and a consultant for other gay dating websites. I also co-hosted HBO’s The Sex Inspectors and authored three mainstream-published books, including the gay sex advice book, Men Are Pigs But We Love Bacon. I’m also a blogger for Huffington Post and a syndicated gay relationships columnist.

One day a gay dating site asked me to consult with them. I got a chance to look at their internal research–surveys, tracking patterns and focus groups–and whoa! I couldn’t believe the results! I found out what worked, what didn’t, and how to handle everything in between. I applied everything I learned to my own profile and practically brought the servers down (ok, poetic license. Sorry.)

Then I got kind of sick of dealing with the men seeking men sites because, well, my type of guy isn’t on there.  So I took everything I learned from consulting with these sites and adapted them for Facebook.

Order the ebook now.  With a 30 day guarantee you’re going to love it!  And more importantly, the gay guys on Facebook are going to love YOU.  Feel free to drop me a line at  I’d love to hear from you.


All the best, Mike Alvear


Excellent! Imagine how confident you’ll feel the next time you go on Facebook. You’ll have the confidence and the skills to attract, approach and ultimately meet the guys that turn you on.  No more wasting hours on end fighting off the flakes and the freaks on the men looking for men sites.


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“Hi, Mike.
I started changing things per your specs and WOW! Almost immediately, I got great results!  Your photo posting tactics has totally changed the game for me.  I’ve seen a huge spike in the number of good looking guys that respond to my pokes and comments.  Thank you for such an insightful, easy-to-read manual. It’s made a huge difference in my life.”
- Joshua, 36, Gainesville


“Hello Mike,
“I was convinced that meeting gay guys on Facebook wasn’t working for me because, well, I’m just not all that good-looking. But as soon as I used your system, BAM! I’ve been meeting so many guys in coffee shops it’s like I’m gay speed dating! Oddly, the thing that helped me most were your conversation strategies (love the ‘conversational Viagra,’ btw). I use them whenever I meet somebody new in bars and parties, not just online. You need to charge double!”
-Stephen, 27, Atlanta


Dear Mike,
” Greetings from Downunder! Now that I’ve bought your guide I see why I never met new guys on Facebook. I was doing everything wrong!  Thanks for all the dates I’m getting on Facebook.  The flirting techniques are incredible!
-Linton, 42, Sydney


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FREE!  How To Meet Higher Quality Guys Online
FREE!  How To Use Texts Like A Pheromone
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FREE!  How To Get Over Your Fear Of Rejection

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P.S. How To Meet Gay Guys On Facebook is a step-by-step manual that helps you meet and attract hot gay men on Facebook. You’ll discover ingenius ways of using photos, profiles and Facebook-specific flirting techniques to build the kind of attraction that results in  a date. You won’t find anything like it at your local gay bookstore, Border’s, Amazon or anywhere online. You can only buy it here. Stop ‘settling’ for the guys you’re meeting on the men seeking men sites–learn how to attract hotter guys on Facebook and turn them into your next date.

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